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“I always worry about buying/leasing a car because of the pushiness of some of the salesmen. Nobody wants to be told what they like or be played for a fool just for a sale. I am very surprised how easy my experience is at Quirk Works. Definitely work with the General Manager (GM) if you get the opportunity. He is really great throughout the whole process.

Everything have an ambiance of relaxation and he spends a lot of time just discussing your interests to help you get the best fit. In fact, when the time came for my decisions, he helped me get a good deal. After the purchase, he continue to sit with me to explain the fine point of the detail in the driver’s manual (time is precious).

If you are looking for a Subaru, this dealership is the best one for you! I definitely recommend you walk in and ask to work with the GM.
• • •”

Before I even went to Planet Subaru to attempt to purchase a car, I called to find out how much their interest rates were for a car loan. The person who answered my call spoke to me as if I was clueless, and was rudely questioning me before I could even finish my sentences. I still decided to try and purchase a car there anyway. Then I discovered that the car I was looking to get had without a doubt been hit in the back bumper. The whole back bumper wasn’t lined up with trunk, paint was chipped underneath the tail light, and the paint was also spidering on the side of the bumper. The sales guy named David G. tried to prove to me that the car had never been in an accident by showing me a clean car fax. However, it is possible to hide things on a car fax report. Knowing that made things questionable so David then said “oh yeah, the car did come in with what looked to be a loose bumper so we re-attached it”. Clearly that meant the bumper had been damaged, because otherwise a bumper shouldn’t just fall off by itself unless Subaru makes some cheaply made vehicles. Even after all this, David said they still expected to receive over $22,000 for the car, despite the damage. Their rates are only negotiable within a few hundred dollars, which makes no sense if a cars damage is gonna be around $1,000 to fix. Then I would’ve had to pay myself to fix it since Planet Subaru’s mechanics clearly can’t do auto body work. I was very disappointed with the service I received, and ended up walking away from it all.
“I first checked out Tri-City Subaru on the advice of a friend. I got on the web site and checked the vehicles. I was looking for either a Forester or Rav 4. Low and behold I found a used Rav 4 and a Forester I was interested in. I spoke to Salesman Joe Bova. He was very courteous and answered all my questions. He had no idea if I was coming in or not, but he still took his time with me and made sure I had all the information I was looking for. We spoke for almost 20 minutes. At the end of the call I thanked him and he said that if I had any further questions please do not hesitate to call. I did indeed call the next day and set up an appointment to see both cars. When I got to the dealership and met Joe, I was equally pleased (and surprised) that he wasn’t like the “”typical”” car salesman. I was still indecisive on vehicles and he took the time to show me the benefits and advantages of each car compared to the other. He helped me match the correct car for me current needs. I was really impressed by the no pressure approach to purchasing a vehicle. After all was said and done I ended up purchasing the Rav 4.
The reason I came down to the dealership was because of the way Joe was on the phone to me. I’m sure that dealers get calls like mine all the time and nothing comes of it and then they feel like they are wasting their time so they are short on discussion and pressure the next buyer because of the same old same old. After meeting Joe and dealing with him, I was just very impressed and knew that I really had an honest dealer. ( not many left) Joe’s attitude, knowledge and behavior towards me was the reason I bought this vehicle from Tri-City, as well as researching the dealership. Joe is an asset to your company. As a matter of fact everyone who worked there that I ran into greeted me. What a great atmosphere!!! Other dealerships I called I would not even go to and check out the vehicle because of the way I was spoken to on the phone, because I couldn’t guarantee them a visit or test drive.
Overall I had a fantastic experience purchasing the vehicle and will have no problem recommending this dealership to others. Please feel free to use any of my statement. If you have further questions please don’t hesitate to call me, 520-8158.
Thanks again for a great experience and restoring the faith in buying a car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sincerely, Richard Penney”
“I have owned two Acura TLs over the past 8 years. My current TL just came out of warranty and I have been researching vehicles that might be more affordable and that do not use premium gas, but still offered the luxury I have become accustomed to. I have to say that my Acura dealership’s Service Department has superior customer service so it was very important to get both a car I would love AND a great Service Department! I have been very impressed with the KIA and a friend of mine purchased an Optima 2 years ago and he could not be happier.

When I arrived at the Gerald dealership, I was greeted immediately at the door with a friendly smile and handshake. Steve, the salesman was courteous, friendly and very informative. Very quickly I was introduced to the Manager, Jason Allen, who let me know that if there was anything he could do to make my experience better to let him know. I felt immediately at home and knew that they would do the best job they could for me. I took under an hour, and I ended up negotiating on a new Kia Optima and I could not be happier with the entire experience. I traded in my TL and was given an excellent price for the trade in. I planned to pay the balance in cash, but in order to qualify for an additional $1,000.00 incentive, I needed to finance the balance. No problem. Joseph Khalil, the Finance Manager was very professional, courteous and friendly. He knew I was running short on time so he explained everything thoroughly but was very efficient at getting all the paperwork signed in a very timely manner.

As soon as I left the dealership, I posted a short review on my Facebook page and have already had 2 friends who are both in the market for a new car, ask me for my salesman’s name. I would absolutely recommend this dealership to anyone and everyone! I would rate my overall experience a 10!!!”
“My husband and I stopped by Larry Miller just to take a peek at a Mini Cooper that was on the lot with No intention of getting a new vehicle. After looking at the vehicle, I asked if we could look at the Subaru Crosstrek. We looked at a new Hybrid and knew that a hybrid wasn’t really what were into. I was able to test drive a 2013 premium automatic. I fell in love with it and my husband new we were coming home with it when we returned from the dealership. Yeah- We bought it. I had to have it. Dick Wilson greeted us from the get go and was there to send us on our merry way with our new Subie. He was very friendly and personable. He knew so much about Subarus, inside and out. He didn’t quiz us on what we had already known (which wasn’t much) and was very confident in the knowledge that he was giving us. Paul Krake was very warm and welcoming. We actually felt comfortable each time we walked in and out of the dealership. You would think that everyone that worked there was one big happy family. Aaron was straight to the point when going over the paperwork and explained everything clearly. He’s obviously good at what he does. Overall- we were very pleased that we visited Larry miller. They worked with us the best that they could and we were able to take home a very nice (almost new) Crosstrek that suits our needs much more than the dodge Dakota that I traded in! We will definitely recommend Larry H Miller Subaru and are now hooked on Subarus. Thanks for taking care of us!
– Lauren and Nick Lee”